Sunday, August 5, 2012

ThL W3+ (with MTK6577) ordered!

Just a brief update, I have been contemplating whether or not to buy a phone with the MTK6577 inside.
Not because I need a phone but because I was curious of its performance :).

For those of you who still wonders what this chip is, it is designed by MediaTek which is currently the hottest chip designer in China. They are better associated with media players so when I first came across this chip my interest was piqued and then money started flowing out of my bank account.

There are scarce information about the real life performance of this chip which is really frustrating. The important details are:

Dual-core of Cortex A9 at 1GHz.
PowerVR SGX531 Ultra GPU.

The GPU side is really interesting as there is virtually no information on this particular model. The PowerVR SGX531 itself was introduced way back in 2008 so to say it is outdated is really an understatement. I really have no idea whether the Ultra suffix really exist or not but guess we will just have to wait till my phone arrive.

If you are interested in this SOC, these are some of the choices available. All of these phones have 1GB of RAM as I do not think 512MB is really practical in today's world.

Model:Amoi N820

Screen : 4.5" with resolution of 960*540.
Battery: 2000mAh

Model:ThL W3+

Screen : 4.5" with resolution of 1280*720.
Battery: 2000mAh

Model:Newman N1

Screen : 4.3" with resolution of 960*540.
Battery: 1700mAh

Model:Jiayu G3

Screen : 4.5" with resolution of 1280*720.
Battery: 2750mAh

Model: Huawei ShanYao 3G 

Screen : 4.3" with resolution of 960*540.
Battery: 1930mAh

Looking at these specs, I really really really wanted to buy the Jiayu G3. Unfortunately, it is still not released (pre-order) with no firm release date. Infact, the only one currently available to purchase is the ThL W3+ and is the one I purchased. I really like the JiaYu G3 design but I guess the ThL W3+ will have to do for now. If the SoC perform satisfactorily, I will just sell the phone and get the JiaYu :P. 

Review coming next week! Assuming DHL delivers it on time that is :).
Till then!



  1. Anonymous: "hiiii, good post,, could you please tell me which site or seller u use for buying??????"

    I ordered from as they have a 10% discount on everything right now provided that you pay using paypal (use coupon code PaypalRUs).

  2. Hello,
    Do you have it now?
    So please make new review it?
    For now,it maybe the best mtk 6577 phone :D

    1. Nope, not yet. I think it will arrive by next Friday. I will post a detailed review on it once it arrive, no worries :).

  3. I also want jiayu G3 but i can't wait anymore, 2nd and for me is THL W3+ , It's about the same (I don't know if gorilla glass both) please when you got THL w3+ do a review or a youtube video how's going with 3g, browser, gps etc thanks

  4. Great post man. I look forward to the next post! keep up the good work

  5. Thanks guys! I have received the phone yesterday and the review is on its way. There are some sections which I have yet to write (Battery life, call quality and comparisons with other SOCs). Still contemplating whether to post it early or wait till I finish it.. Hmmm

  6. Hi I just ordered one of these yesterday i cant wait to receive it / just out of interest where are you from im just wondering how long it will take to arrive i live in UK :D to say i cant wait is an understatement.

    Thanks for posting all your info here i will be a follower here for sure. Keep up the great work


    1. Hi there,
      Usually if you use DHL it would take at least 3 working days to reach you and at most 5 working days.

      Thanks for visiting! Hope you will get your phone soon.