Saturday, February 9, 2013

Newman N2/Freelander I20 Review Coming!

Hello readers~

I just noticed that my last post was posted more than 1 month ago :O. That is simply not acceptable!
Do not despair though, I have plenty of things to post for us, Chinese gadget freaks :) I am currently in the process of reviewing the following products:

 1) Newman N2 a.k.a. the Freelander I20.

It has a 13MP rear camera! Here's a sneak peek:

100% of the image:

2) Freelander AP10 Mini-PC

3) JXD X18 Bluetooth Speaker

4) B3503 Bluetooth v3.0 Wireless Audio Receiver

PS: I simply do not have the time to reply to your comments on any of the posts, sadly :( Life is pretty hectic nowadays but that is to be expected considering this is my final year of university.

On the bright side, I will be free for 3 months once I graduate so will definitely do some work on this blog or simply publish a new website which I personally designed. Looking forward to be free!


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